Creative Manager

Majid Al Futtaim Holding LLC – Dubai, UAE                                                02/2016 – 07/2017

Provide direction and act as the source for new creative solutions in the area of marketing and communications internally / externally helping position Majid Al Futtaim as an innovative brand.

·       Initiated, Lead, and Launched Workplace by Facebook. With an unprecedented adoption success of 65% claimed accounts in less that 60 days.

·       Initiated, Lead and Collaborated the Apple – SAP relationship for Majid Al Futtaim for Business Intelligence

·       Initiated and Lead the Apple Retail and Majid Al Futtaim Group Customer Experience Collaboration, Customer Journey Mapping.

·       Initiated, Lead and Collaborated the Artificial Intelligence integration with Majid Al Futtaim Holding, Retail and Properties, with also primary integration with Ventures. Introduction of Mona the AI.

·       Creative responsibilities include conceiving, developing and designing innovative creative materials that will drive, elevate and evolve the Majid Al Futtaim brand.

·       Developed the creative strategy for effective graphical communications and conceptualization. The 5 year creative strategy, conceptualization and delivery.

·       Identified innovative ways to address opportunities and operationalize concepts/strategies

·       Managed and organized creative projects schedule; ensure timely delivery against milestones and provided suggestions for initiatives that improves brand performance

·       Leading research of latest trends across digital and collateral/traditional touch points with the aim of introducing ideas ahead of their time, creating leadership in driving trends

·       Evaluated holding event engagements and looked into building engaging experiences that deliver on great moments for our guests and deliver on our vision’s promise


Manager Marketing Operations (Equivalent Senior Manager)

Majid Al Futtaim Properties & Retail – Dubai, UAE                                                 05/2014 – 02/2016


Improve financial and operational performance of Majid Al Futtaim Properties/Shopping Malls and Retail outlets across GCC and MENA through revamped customer experience, digital channels, advertising and brand rejuvenation.

·       Increased sales revenue from 5 to 7.2 mUSD by increasing customer footfall by 24% across shopping malls and kiosk retail in GCC and MENA in 2014

·       Increased sales revenue by 170% through acquisition of global brands (Warner Brothers, Mattel, Hasbro, etc) throughout the Shopping malls GCC and MENA

·       Increased shop-in-shop sales revenue by 13% in 6 months

·       Increased sales conversion rate through digital by 40% to 1.1 mUSD

·       Increased sales revenues by 16 mUSD by launching 4 regional campaigns across the 12 shopping malls in GCC and MENA based on comprehensive brand streamlining

·       Achieved 2.7 million additional sales transactions through 4 regional cross sales campaigns

·       Increased marketing efficiency by 3 mUSD

·       Increased sales by 19 mUSD by improving customers experience through customer service training on retail outlet

·       Increased customer experience and outlet attractiveness by 200% through international franchise signups, activations, revamped digital communications and overhauled advertising

·       Developed and launched the first MAFP City Centre TV commercial achieving best in class cost efficiency

·Creates high quality content that is brand-enhancing and is experientially successful

·Moves the bar up and adds value to the creative process at the initial strategic phase

·Lead on evolving the use of technology solutions and embeds creativity into new & existing projects

·       Drives creative change that is relevant and finds its way into live projects


Senior Director & Head of Marketing Communication

Dubai Government Executive Counsel – Dubai, UAE                                             12/2013 – 05/2014


Invited to build the brand of the "Dubai Plan 2021" for the Government of Dubai as a continuation of the Expo 2020.

·       Developed and rolled out the brand of “Dubai Plan 2021” across all government entities and 70,000 employees in 2 months

·       Achieved branding adoption rate from 0% to 73%, overachieving targets by 50%

·       Delivered comprehensive marketing campaign (50 TV stations, 80 digital channels, social media reaching 25 million audiences, and 250,000 newspaper audience) 100% according to plan

·       Achieved 100% on-time delivery of all planned communications measures


Director and Head of Marketing Communications

Emitac Mobile Solutions – Dubai, UAE                                                                            06/2013 – 12/2013


Build and develop handset portfolio and increase sales by introducing new devices and establishing new partner programs across MEA with carriers and manufacturers.

·       Increased total portfolio revenue by 2.6 mUSD in 5 months

·       Developed new category sales revenues from 0 to 300 kUSD across all mobile categories in the UAE in 6 months

·       Increased sales volume from 20,000 units to 100,000 units, totaling 15 mUSD with telecom carrier deals in Africa in 2 months

·       Built sales of Apple iPhone from 0 to 15,000 units, and Blackberry sales of 7,500 units

·       Achieved sales of 6 million in Ghana and Djibouti while responsible for acquisition and revenue generation of African growth markets

·       Concluded the exclusive contract for Emitac with Apple for the Central and South Africa

·       Responsible for the successful launch of the first UAE-produced mobile phone


Director and Head of Brand Customer Experience

Mobily – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia                                                                                               12/2012 – 03/2013


Reposition Mobily as an innovative mobile operator to increase sales and customer experience. 

·       Recalibrated and repositioned 50 retail outlets, implemented a new in-shop customer touch point and experiences and increased retail attractiveness by 12% with in store device sales increase by 9% in 3 months

·       Increased innovation brand awareness from 0% to 57% for internal stakeholders and from 0% to 68% for the customers on the network in 3 months

·       Improved key marketing KPIs by 88% including innovation tagline awareness, ad awareness, touchpoint experience, ad recall, ad likeability and innovation in advertising in 3 months

·       Initiated the master portfolio deal for Mobily with Apple (first Apple deal of this kind)


Director and Head of Branding and Innovation

Nawras – Muscat, Oman                                                                                                            10/2009 – 12/2012


Invited to reestablish Nawras as a leading mobile operator in Oman, to increase sales and customer experience.

·       Increased sales transactions by 150% through retail innovation and marketing programs

·       Increased sales revenues by 100% though improved customer acquisition by improving sales operations and processes

·       Increased brand awareness from 40% to 90% through a brand repositioning program

·       Increased customer base by 230% from 1.0 million to 2.3 million active subscriptions

·       Increased customer satisfaction by 90% via Omanization of the Nawras brand

·       Improved customer service by 60% by reducing staff turnover and operational streamlining

·       Achieved marketing related savings of 700,000 OMR monthly within 3 months

·       Launched 81 product leading to additional sales revenues of 176 mOMR

·       Increased active usage leading to additional revenues of 7 mOMR/year by increasing number of customers on the loyalty program to 1.0 million subscribers

·       Launched shop-in-shop concepts with SharafDG and Emax increasing sales by 50%

·       Set up the marketing program to achieve the 100% IPO subscription target set by CEO (100% IPO target achieved)


Director and Head of Corporate Communication

OCTAL Petrochemicals – Muscat, Oman                                                                         03/2008 – 09/2009


Develop the branding and establish the brand of OCTAL.

·       Generated sales revenues of 10 mUSD through marketing activities with international partners (INTERPACK)

·       Attracted investor hedge fund of 6.3 bUSD through marketing campaigns and events

·       Launched DPET product leading to sales transactions of 40 mUSD

·       Built the initial 3 customer key accounts leading to sales of 10 mUSD

·       Grew OCTAL sales revenue from 0 OMR to 10% of Oman's National Income


Education and Other

·       Master’s in Business Administrations (MBA), Lebanese American University, 2004

·       Bachelors in Business Administrations (BBA) Lebanese American University, 2001

·       Languages: English, Arabic

·       Citizenship: American